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"Every day is a new opportunity. You can build on yesterday's success or put its failures behind and start over again. That's the way life is, with a new game every day .. and that's the way baseball is"


North Hills Colt:

Much like the older Palomino League enables the player who may have an eye towards playing baseball past his high school years, the Colt League enables players to fine tune their skills before advancing onto the next level of competition. North Hills Colt is offered for kids ages 15-16, and the primary goal of our Colt League is to continue teaching the fundamentals of baseball as the boys transition from teens into young adults. The Colt League is for those who want to continue their baseball playing days for recreational purposes or to continue to develop their skills for the North Hills Junior Varsity Team in preparation for playing at the Varsity Level.


The NHAA Colt Programs are as follows:

  • Colt Varsity Teams: Our desire is to always field (1) 15 y.o. and (1) 16 y.o. Varsity Team in the Quad-County North League. The QCN is a competitive baseball league which includes teams from all other neighboring associations, including Cranberry, Ingomar, Pine Richland, Butler, Shaler, Kiski, North Allegheny, and others. We are committed to fielding as many Colt Varsity teams as player and coaching interest will allow.
  • The amount and placement of teams are determined once registrations are closed in mid-to-late March.
  • Home games for all Colt teams will be at either Guadagnino Field (NH High School) or Herb Field (Ross Twp. Community Center)
  • Depending on the weather, you can anticipate 2-3 practices or games per week.
  • We understand the increased schedule conflicts at this level due to work, other sports, or other interests and the NHAA is committed to accommodating those so that your son can still play the game.
  • Colt Junior Varsity Teams: Our Colt Junior Varsity Teams also participate in the Quad-County North League, but in a Division that is geared towards the player who is looking to play baseball in more of a "recreational" manner. We are committed to fielding as many Colt J/V teams as player and coaching interest will allow.



The NHAA believes strongly in keeping things simple when teaching the game of baseball and softball. With that in mind we have developed five goal areas for each of the age groups. As a coach we want to keep these five goal areas in mind every time we plan a practice. They represent the fundamental building blocks for success. The goals at one level need to be accomplished before the goals at the next level can be pursued.


These are the Five Goals that we believe and you should expect your child to have achieved at the completion of the Colt League Level:


  • Throwing Mechanics and Pitching - long toss; flatwork (drills); continue mastering breaking and off-speed pitches; throwing for accuracy; generating momentum toward the target and following the throw; pickoff mechanics

  • Hitting - mental aspects (hitter's count versus pitcher's count); two-strike hitting; aggressive versus defensive swings; situational hitting; productive outs; advanced game situations and defenses
  • Baserunning - one-way leads; going on the first move; reacting to batted balls; tag-up situations; third-base rules; no-out; one-out; and two-out rules
  • Fielding - understanding and adapting to playing conditions (grass versus dirt, sun, bad fields); Fence Drill (outfield); crossover and drop steps; do-or-die plays at the plate; preventing runners from taking extra bases; communicating between pitches.
  • Learning Team Fundamentals - cutoffs and relays (introduce the trailer concept); advanced pickoff plays (daylight play; plays put on by fielders) and when to use them; double plays; advanced game situations and defenses.

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