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NHAA Feedback

Each year there are many decisions the North Hills Athletic Association Board makes to continue building the league and taking it in the right direction. But we never take that step without hearing from YOU.

Please feel free to tell us your thoughts. What worked? What didn't?


General Feedback 

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 Some feedback we have been receiving......

I paid $40 for 1-hour sessions of NH365 Winter Ball, and was happy to see all of the instructors so eager to get involved. Most of the sessions went about 1.5 hours, and the only reason we left was because the next group was coming in. It's good to see so many guys devoted to these kids! It was also nice to see the kids getting instruction from more than just other dads. - Stan R.


My son loved your NHx Fall Ball Program, but would've liked to play more games against other teams. - Len


I just wanted to say "thank you" for how well you all communicate with the parents. - Julie, Baseball AND Softball Mom!


The recent Town Hall Meeting was a great idea! Thanks for creating a forum for discussion in the organization! - Eric


BRONCO RULES ... RULE! Ok, that was my son speaking but he absolutely loves to play REAL Baseball at this age. I personally love it because I played baseball through college, and know how important leading and stealing bases is. It's great that you guys stepped up to the plate and are teaching this at a younger age level. - Randy K.


This website is the best!!!!!!!!!  I talked to my wife about taking pictures so I can post them also during the year.  Mike L. - Minor League Coach  


This was our first year with NHAA and my daughter had a wonderful time.  In particular we enjoyed Softball All-Star Saturday.   I was amazed to see all of the people and attendance from aunts, uncles and even grandparents.   Keep up the great work!   Mom - Instructional Softball


I was a little disappointed in the awards this year Karen - Instructional Baseball Mom


My son struggles at hitting and it was always so frustrating to see how other leagues treated him. We've been in 2 other organizations where if you weren't the superstar you got overlooked. This is our 2nd year in your league and he is having a lot of fun. I couldn't believe it when even the umpire took time out to help him with his swing! Dave E. - Minor League Dad


Great softball coaches! I don't have that kind of patience!!!! Linda - Softball Mom


You should tell Ross Township that you want bathrooms at the field


Bartlett Field is nice but I wish the smaller kids could play on it more Joyce H.