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Player Applications

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Applications for the 2017/2018 Warpath season are no longer being taken.

Please contact your League Commissioner if you have any question.


All applicants must be registered for the NHAA Spring Season to be eligible

Age determination cutoff date for baseball: April 30

Age determination cutoff date for softball: January 1



North Hills Warpath Baseball and Softball typically starts mid-June and continues throughout the entire month of July. NHAA also encourages their Warpath teams to explore other tournaments that may be offered in the Spring or Fall, provided they do not interfere with the NHAA Regular Season.


The North Hills Warpath is offered to both boys and girls from the age 7-18, and the NHAA is committed to fielding as many teams as player skill/ability and interest allows. If there are multiple teams at a specific age level, they will be formed according to skill level.


  • Player Selection: Once the Warpath Player Applications in, they are reviewed by the NHAA Regular Season Team Managers for that particular age group, and they players are selected by several rounds of voting. The selection is based on several criteria: The player's play during during the regular season, their attitude, behavior, and sportsmanship. Their attendance during the regular season and past tournament seasons are also factored in.
  • To ensure the teams are picked fairly and the right kids are chosen, the Managers are not permitted to vote for their own child nor any child on their team. They can promote their opinion of their players, but are not permitted to vote for them.
  • Manager Selection: Once the Warpath rosters are selected, the Board evaluates all applications of potential Managers, and then votes. The Manager is selected after the team to ensure fairness.
  • The NHAA reserves the right to hold an additional player evaluation if necessary.


The NH Warpath requires a strong travel and time commitment by both the parent and player. Players must be willing to commit to additional practices and game schedules throughout the summer. It is not uncommon to play/practice every day during the week and multiple games per day over the weekend.

HOW MUCH? The NHAA commits to paying the entry fee for at least ONE tournament per each selected Warpath team. Any additional fees, including uniforms, are shared among the selected parents of the team.


If your child wishes to be considered for selection to a baseball or softball Warpath Team, please submit the online Warpath Player Application no later than May 23 of the current season. This date may be subject to change for Fast-Pitch Softball.


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Showcase Tournaments:

In addition to all the local tournaments our boys and girls participate, in The North Hills Athletic Association is proud to support their boys and girls when they travel to other out-of-state Showcase Tournaments. Here is just a sample of the places they've played












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